Periods, you no longer impress me. I am bleeding from my nethers, WHATEVER. Try something new, uterus. You make chocolate pudding instead of blood, then we’ll talk.

I don’t know why dudes think they’re so hardcore. I can look down and see BLOOD RUNNING DOWN MY LEG and be like ‘meh’. I can wake up in a pool of blood and be like ‘oh well time to do the laundry’. I can be hemorrhaging from my bits for days and not give a shit.

One time someone asked me if I had problems with blood and I was ‘nope, I’m a lady.’

I’d like to see you hardcore dudes do the same when YOU shoot blood and viscera out of your peen.


reblogging for the comments haha

Oh my God, the accuracy of this comic and that comment is absolutely astounding and mortifying.

If anyone has a really good method for getting blood out of underwear I’d like to hear it please.

welcome to Tumblr, where 24,000 people appreciate the menstrual cycle for what it’s not worth

DYING WHALE NOISE inserted here.

Somebody needs to come up with a countdown to menopause advent calendar

i once had a noodle incident where i wound up holding a stranger’s bleeding head for like half an hour

and the cop that eventually came by was worried that i had problems with blood or something

i just sort of gave him a look because HONESTLY

I am so unaffected by blood anymore. Like really. 

the worst part is when I insert the tampon wrong

and also sometimes leaving small bloodstains on your seat

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